On Sherwood we meet lots of people who have their own websites. Some are for Clans, some are for Information and others are more Personal. This is a collection of Websites that we think are well worth looking at. If you have a Website that you would like to have considered for inclusion on this page please contact Fly or Errin in Emerald /join79.

            Sherwood TALK is a Forum Moderated by Fly and Errin for All Players of Sherwood to Exchange Views. It has heaps of Information about Fighting, Leveling etc. and General Conversation in the Bar. You are welcome to contribute to any of the Topics. Please DONT Spam the Forum and have respect for other users.

            Roadkill has been a Player of Sherwood for what seems like donkeys years! He has an Excellent Repository with a vast amount of Information. Well worth the time to read his site.

            DV is a long Standing Clan that has seen Highs and Lows over their History. Many of the Members of the Children of Light were former members of DV. Wolfbane has a very active Guestbook on his site for DV Members but its open for everyone to comment.

            The Ultimate List of Sherwood Clan Websites was created by Terra a long serving member of DV and now a Member of COL. It must have taken hours of work to make. The List is designed to help find the sites of Enemies, Allies, or Otherwise. If your Clan isnt here let Terra Know, he updates it Regularly.

            The Order of Honor was created by Trueblade to support the players of Sherwood. Its a Great place where honorable people can get together as a family and promote honor and respect in the game.

            Create by Nyarlathotep The Ancients are not a Clan, but an Order, a group of of people that decided to join together in a code of Behavior - Humility, Kindness and Justice..

            This site was created by Duchess Rouge. It contains some info on her and She has gathered together some of the Graphists of Sherwood as a showcase for their work. I am proud to have some of my work displayed there. Go visit you wont be disappointed..

            Team-Dragonhunters. This site was created by Naturfee-Amy. It is not Clan but a group of Players that promote friendlyness, helpfulness, respect and peace between the players of Sherwood. The Founders of Drachenjager are Amy, Germany-Eddy and Miss-Adria. It is well presented site in both German and English. Lots to see and read, so give them a visit..

            This site was created by Duchess Rouge. Pure War nation are one of our greatest Allies. It has great graphics and lots of info on PWN. Great site Duchess..

            This site was created by The Iron Hawk Fighter a valued member of COL and a good friend. Its still growing, so give him a visit and say HI!.

            This is Errins Photobucket page! You can see lots of the picture she has created. All with a Sherwood theme..

           Sherwood Dungeon Maps probably has the most Extensive maps to Cool Weapons. It was made by Icey and has some great graphics to make it beautiful site. Whatever your Weapon of choice you can find it here on a level close to the level of your avatar.

            Sherwood Amazons is a community founded by HelloKitty and Cara : made up of chicks, women, girls, ladies and guys who play in the Sherwood Dungeon.  They want the game to be a fun, safe, fair and supportive place for all.  They work to improve fighting and survival skills of females at Sherwood, knowing that if it's good for women it's good for all.

            Sherwood's Dirty Little Secret is a collection from all know lady's in Sherwood.
The site has seperated parts for the different servers and it must be a hell of a job to collect all the names. Beside the lists with names you find a lot useful information with interviews, photos, videos and a lot other stuff.

           Swd-fighting is maintained by TWENTY and is designed to help improve your fighting ability. It is constantly being updated with new and tested information. There are a few things that have been rumoured about fighting and these are mentioned on the site. The GB welcomes discussion of these topics and where fighting tips are proved worthless these are mentioned too. A good site that will only get better.

            This is the Link to Sherwood Dungeon on Facebook. Gene enters discussion with members and its the port of call for all Sherwood developments.

            Developers Diary is Gene Endrody's way of keeping all the players of Sherwood up to date with new Changes and Developments in the game. Gene is the Developer that brought us our Favorite game - Sherwood dungeon.

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