Contrary to popular belief the Chain of Command is NOT a chain that we beat you
with to get you to do what we want.

It is however a succession of Commanding Officers from the Leaders down.






Responsible for behind scenes running of COL including upkeep of Website,
Making alliances, Collecting Information on other Clan activities. Collating
members information, Awarding Medals. All the Boring Stuff! They will also
Rank, Promote, Demote and Expel members and Lead Raids.




Leaders assist Founder-Leaders with the day to day boring stuff, with all the same


The Council are responsible for Reporting and Entering the Ranks and Names
of all New Recruits to the Members list. They can Rank, Promote, Demote and
Expel Army members till the rank of MGEN. These too they Report and Enter.
They can Recommend Members for BC, RO and Special Force positions to the Leaders.
They cannot Demote or Expel BC, RO or listed members from the Special Forces
but again can recommend these to Leaders. Council Members can Lead Raids and Lead
the Defence of Base when the Leaders are not Present.

Special Force

Listed Members of Special Forces have in base the same responsibilities as a council.
(Ranking, listing and keeping order in base). During raids they have same responsibilities
as a CouncilMember. (A special force member can lead a raid). In a councilmeeting a
Special Force Member can be asked to be present in meeting to advise council/leaders.

Base Commanders

Base Commanders can Rank New Recruits up to the Rank of Major. They cannot Promote, Demote or Expel other Members but can Recommend these Actions to Leaders and Council. They are Expected to Keep Order in base and will Lead the Defence of Base if no Leader or Council is present. They Cannot Lead Raids on Other Clans but can Lead Members in the Defence of an Allies Base if an Ally asks for Assistance. Base Commanders will also give basic Training needs to New Recruits.

Ranking Officers

Ranking officers can Rank new Recruits to the Level of Major. They cannot Promote, Demote or Expel other Members and Cannot Lead Raids on other Clans.