This page is a Guide to using the Camera Mode on Sherwood. It will explain the camera mode functions, so you can start to take nice Photos. First you need to get into camera mode, to do this type /camera . You can see the screen has changed and you are no longer looking at your avatar. You will also see that the health bars and the bottom menu have disappeared too. Now all you need to do is learn how to move the camera around.

             Using your left mouse button only allows you to orbit around. All you do is click and drag. This is really swivelling the camera on a central pivot. With orbit you can change your view of any of the islands that you happen to be in. The illustration below shows two views of teleport 5 using only the orbit control.

             Using your right mouse button only allows you to pan around. All you do is click and drag. This is really just moving the pivot point mentioned above. Pan will also allow you to centralise the subject of your photo. The illustration below shows two views of the same scene using only the pan control.

             Using both your left and right mouse buttons allows you to zoom in or out to get a close-up or a wide angle view. To zoom in you click and drag right to left. To zoom out you click and drag left to right. The illustration below shows the two extremes of the zoom control on the same scene.

             If you move in such a way that you cant take the picture you want press
R , that will Reset the camera to its original position. To Exit camera mode press the Space bar .

             The controls above are very sensitive to mouse movements, so take your time to learn how to use them. Once you have mastered using the controls you are ready to take your photograph. This is different if you are using a laptop or a desktop. For a Desktop Computer press
Ctrl & Prnt Scrn . For a Laptop Computer press Fn & Prnt Scrn . Ok now you have done that you notice nothing, the reason for this is that you have now taken a picture of the whole of your screen, but it is held in the clipboard until you want to use it.

             Now open up your image program of choice. I use Photoshop but you can use Paint, Gimp,Paintshop pro or any other program. Once opened click to open a new document then click ctrl and V. You will now see the image appear on the screen. You can save it as it is or crop it to a suitable size or even manipulate it further. I would recommend that you save the original picture just in case you make a mistake , that way you can at least start again.

Have fun and see what you can do!